US IT industry starting to hire

The IT industry is starting to slowly hire people again after last year’s recession, but there is still a huge hole in staffing levels, according to new figures.

TechAmerica Foundation, which compiled the figures  said that since January 2009 tech companies across the pond have shed 215,000 jobs.

While they are starting to hire again there is still a huge pool of jobs that are missing.

The employment hole that the tech industry created during the recession is deep, the Foundation says.

In the first six months of this year, tech employers added 30,200 jobs to their payrolls after shedding 143,000 jobs over the same period last year.

In the US total IT employment, including manufacturing and services, is 5.78 million.

Sectors are feeling the early stages of the recovery but analysts warn that IT outfits will continue to run” very lean” through the remainder of this year.

The current policy seems to be not to hire new workers, although not necessarily making more cuts.

Currently the place where the IT industry is doing well is on the sale of equipment and software. IT services, which traditionally tends to hire more people is not hiring as many.

Contractors are more likely to be employed than permanent staff because companies do not want to hire new staff. Some companies are trying more automation as a way of avoiding hiring.

Offshore firms are also coining it in. Bangalore-based Wipro added 4,854 employees for the quarter that ended June 30, on revenue that grew 16 percent.