US hacks self-censor

US hacks, who have already sold their souls to corporations, are now self-censoring their copy to avoid upsetting the government.

Suzanne Nossel, executive director of the PEN American Centre, said that surveys from Pew Research indicate that the National Security Agency programsmes are actually supported by roughly half of Americans, even though many believe that their own personal e-mails and calls have been read.

Another survey of American writers done revealed that nearly one in four has self-censored for fear of government surveillance, Nossel said .

Writing in CNN,   Nossel said that US hacks were curbing their research, not accepting certain assignments, even not discussing certain topics on the phone or via e-mail for fear of being targeted. It is getting very difficult to find a US reporter who wants to write about the Middle East, the military and terrorism.

Apparently, they are worried that they will end up on a no-fly list or be subjected to strip searches at airports.

“Americans have long protested the persecution and constraints on journalists and writers living under repressive regimes abroad, yet many seem ready to accept these new encroachments on their freedom at home,”  Nossel said.

In the few cases where details have been released, journalists and intelligence experts have argued that the evidence gathered through surveillance could have been obtained in other ways, or wasn’t crucial.

However, US journalists, who have always seemed to be a little soft in comparison to the rest of the world, appear to have caved in completely. It is just one stage from the New York Times writing press releases on behalf of Apple, to ignoring important news stories because a hack cannot get out of the country on a winter sun package holiday.

While US journalists, who often lecture their European cousins about the press quality, while dedicating half their news story to what they did in their holidays, is that by not standing up to the government, or corporates, or gangsters, they lose their ability to be a watchdog. The country will slide and get worse, simply because they do not want to be hassled by government goons.  It is no wonder then that bloggers are taking their role in US society.