US government calls for help from Intel, AMD

Intel and AMD have both landed multi million dollar contracts from the US Department of Energy to crank up research into high performance computing.

AMD announced earlier this week that it will undertake development of HPC technologies to move towards the future of exascale computing. This means that AMD will be handed a cheque for $12.6 million to continue research into processor and memory technologies.

Now Intel has announced that it will also bag a contract from the DOE to conduct exascale computing research. As part of the government’s Fast Forward programme Intel’s Intel Federal subsidiary has been given $19 million to conduct research too.

Intel says that it will be pushing towards exascale computing by the end of the decade, with research going into its Xeon chips.

We doubt that the two firms will be sharing too many notes as part of the programme, though both will be joining up with a number of academics and industry figures as part of the joint public-private project.

Advances in HPC should boost both national infrastructure and create benefits for business, accessing computation power thousands of times higher than today, with similar power consumption.

In the UK a number of HPC facilities aimed at business use have also been unveiled recently.