US electrical engineers are dying out

It appears that in the US electrical engineers are a declining species and might end up as endangered wildlife.

The number of people working as electrical engineers in the US declined by 10.4 percent last year which is due to the loss of 35,000 jobs and increased the unemployment rate for electrical engineers from 3.4 percent in 2012 to 4.8 percent.

According to the US Labor Department data analysed by the IEEE-USA there are 300,000 people working as electrical engineers when in 2002, there were 385,000.

Analysts can’t work out why electrical engineering employment is declining despite the emergence of the so-called internet of thongs. It seems like most species on their way out, such as the giant panda, engineers may have lost interest in mating and producing other engineers.

The feeling is that just as America’s manufacturing has been hollowed out by offshoring and globalisation, electrical and electronics engineers are going the same way

The number of employed software developers, the largest IT occupation segment, increased by only 1.75 percent, to 1.1 million, a gain of 19,000. The unemployment rate for developers last year was 2.7 percent, which is still too high.

Jobs for computer systems analysts increased by 35,000, to 534,000, an increase of 7 per cent, but many of those jobs are going to foreign developers on visas.

At full employment, electrical and electronics engineers should have an unemployment rate of approximately 1.5 per cent. The current unemployment rate is more than three times that level.

According to Computing World, the fact that these key occupations are faring worse than the average professional is a bad omen for the future of US technological superiority.