US decides it's legal to rip DVDs and attack iPhones

A ruling by the US copyright office has decided that the internet and gadgets are faster than the speed of thought and has exempted some categories of activity from being infra non dig – that’s legalese for old fashioned or illegal.

The US Copyright Office – here – and we wouldn’t have noticed it apart from this Crunchgear story, said that six classes are now exempt from prosecution under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Many thought the DMCA was really crap when it was passed, but the US Copyright Office has really gone off on one here.

It says that it’s OK to “jailbreak” the Apple iPhone; to use your iPhone on networks Apple doesn’t like; to break open DVD encryption; to smash open DVD encryption; to attack dongles attached to your PC; to circumvent the stupid licensing laws on e-books. Er that’s it.

And so says the US Copyright Office in a landmark ruling that we’re absolutely sure will be challenged by many multinationals.

DVD Jon, where be ye?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), claims a success, here.