US court roughs up copyright troll

Wikia_HP_-_Mountain_TrollCopyright troll Prenda had a rough day in an appeals hearing.

Copyright troll Prenda asked the 9th circuit Appeals court for a  hearing about sanctions, and it probably wished it hadn’t.

Daniel Voelker, representing Prenda, got a good kicking from three judges on the panel, while Morgan Pietz representing the so called copyright pirates, had a friendlier reception.

Prenda’s argument,  was that the entirety of a hearing where it was judged a “porno-trolling collective “ and the sanctions awarded at the end of it, were improper.

The three judges – 91yo Senior Judge Harry Pregerson, 62yo Judge Richard Tallman, and 49yo Jacqueline Nguyen  asked probing questions, and even making fun of Prenda.

When Voelker’s could not answer, Pregerson snorted something like “You know nothing John Snow” and said that Prenda needed to assert the 5th amendment because they were engaged in extortion, buy sending out thousands of extortion letters“.

Judge Pregerson’s  closing remark on it left no doubt what he was thinking, saying “That is just an ingenious, crooked, extortionate operation”.

Ngoyen, who is Obama’s next choice for a Supreme Court justice, told ) told oelker that he was “swimming upstream” while Tallman told him to stop ‘bobbing and weaving’ when asked questions.  He asked if certain documents (specifically the forged copyright assignment) were ‘left by the tooth fairy’.

For some reason Voelker did not mind that the court remanded the case back to Judge Wright, as a criminal matter under a special prosecutor, which could result in Prenda executives behind bars.