Universal catches itself pirating

caveman3Universal Pictures in France carried out a ruthless hunt for the source of pirated copies of lizard flick Jurassic World only to discover that it was doing it itself.

Chilling Effects got its paws on a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice where Universal demanded that Google remove links to www.1divx.info, forum.wawa-mania.ec and www.zone-telechargement.com.
Http:// was on the list which is Universal’s “localhost” so the “pirate” link was on Universal’s own PCs but it still stupidly ordered a takedown of itself.

An automated scanner found the IP address which means that Universal’s detection systems are so stupid that they finger its own networks.

What is worrying is that they might have made many other errors and resulted in other Internet take-downs.

There are no signs that mass automated Google take-downs have stopped piracy.

They have however resulted in some hacked off users who have seen their cat video misidentified as infringing something that big content claims to own when it does not. One wonders which dinosaur at Universal thinks this policy is a good idea.