UMC, Quanta see rosy future

Things are looking rather good for Taiwanese companies at the moment. Taiwan Economic News says Quanta Computer will ship 15 to 20 percent more notebooks in the current second quarter compared to the first quarter of 2010. Quanta, which manufactures notebooks for various brands, would outperform the market by five to six percent.

The company’s vice chairman C.C. Liang states revenue is expected to climb to more than $31.35 billion US dollars in 2010. Quanta had revenues worth $26.32 billion last year.

Liang claims his company will be able to offset shortages of various components, such as memory, CPUs and GPUs. Quanta expects to deliver over 50 million notebooks this year, due to increasing demand and new Intel Core i processors. Concentrating on higher-end, higher-margin notebooks will also boost the company’s bottom line. Quanta shipped 11 million notebooks in the first quarter.

Foundry United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) is also looking forward to a nice, bright and better future. CEO S.W. Sun apparently said capacity utilisation is going to seesaw between 96 and 99 percent, whereas wafer shipments will increase 6 to 9 percent quarter over quarter.

Sun also calmed investor’s worries the company’s capacity were being overbooked. Sun said customers were still grovelling for capacity and that the world’s second largest foundry will be able to cope with demand spikes in the last two quarters of this year. UMC shipped a 1.03 million 200mm wafers in its first quarter, after hitting rock bottom last year.