UK taxpayers pay to send UK jobs abroad

A source told TechEye that RBS will shift their technology services and insurance divisions abroad.

More than 1,200 jobs will be lost in total.  The company has confirmed these jobs will go abroad but nobody will notice because the people you meet at the front desk will keep their jobs and keep smiling, fakely and feebly,  at you.

So the UK tax payers’ money is now paying for jobs abroad, the source claimed. Tax payers’ money baled out RBS during the credit crunch.

The British trade union called Unite confirms the “strategic review” and claims jobs are going to countries including Singapore, India, and even to the USA.

Marie Kiernan, vice chairwoman of the RBS National Company Committee said thousands of jobs have been lost across the different divisions of RBS. But the union newsletter gives few details although obviously Unite will be so busy that there will be few jobs lost at the mega-union. It will be too busy working out redundancies for its members.

At a rally held in London yesterday, over 250,000 people marched in support of jobs not being cut. Ed Milliband, the head of the Labour Party, was booed when he spoke in Trafalgar Square.  

More will follow.