UK ripped off by Sony

In another “dog ate my homework” excuse from foreign technology companies for ripping off British people, Sony has decided not to pass the price cuts on its PSP to the UK.

The excuse this time is that because the UK still has the pound, apparently Britain is not eligible for any price cuts. The whole of the Eurozone will only have to pay €129.99 or £114, down from €179.99.

However in the UK it will remain at £129.99, in what looks like the fact that Sony kept the same numbers and hoped no one would notice.

While the pound is not doing very well lately it is still worth a Nintendo bit more than the Euro.

Sony has made it clear that the UK will not see a price drop for some time because of… um… exchange rate pressures, yeah, that’s it.

In the official statement the European price cut has been made possible by favourable fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Euro and the Yen.

In the UK pounds did not feature so well so Sony is not in a position to offer a similar cut in PSP for the UK.

However in the US you can pick up a PSP for £78 which is cheaper even if you take into account sales tax.

British people should be getting a bit miffed by their treatment from electronics outfits. Apple charges more for its keyboardless notebook, for example.

Most of the time it is because they are sure that the Brits will not complain and will pay up anyway. This is the same mentality which kept new car prices higher than the rest of Europe for years.

That is, until some bright sparks organised a boycott of new cars until manufactures started treating people with respect.

Of course respecting customers is not what the likes of Apple and Sony do particularly well, so the UK might be onto a loser if it tried to organise a boycott.