UK press accuses Microsoft of glass ceiling and sex parties

The sorry tale of Microsoft UK’s Den of Inequity continues, with reports suggesting a top female exec in line for the role of general manager was brushed aside for no reason and given £1 million to keep quiet and push off.

The alleged hush money saw Natalie Ayres, a working mother, leaving the company with a pat on the back and a knowing nod from Microsoft UK. Meanwhile, Microsoft UK was holding extravagant parties for its employees with free vodka on tap and an alleged sex culture that we are calling The Last Days of Redmond. 

The Telegraph, which got the scoop, spoke to a source at Microsoft who claimed there is a very evident glass ceiling. The source mentioned that it’s hard to progress after level 65, proving that geeks do have a sense of humour, as they live out the world’s longest but most lucrative grind-fest, in a couple of senses of the word.

“They do not follow procedure enough and if your face doesn’t fit, you suffer. It’s a boys’ club,” the source told the Telegraph

Frazer, who got the job Ayres was tipped for, reportedly issued a statement respecting her “personal decision to move on”. Others thought she had been stabbed in the back, allegedly, and tried to discuss the glass ceiling but that particular topic was shattered.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to rise the ranks at Microsoft if you’re a woman.

Michelle Matthews, who quit Microsoft this year as senior vice president of marketing, managed to catapult herself to the top really rather quickly. The rumour goes Matthews personally gave Bill Gates a thorough, much needed make-over, turning him into the slick professional we all know and respect today.

As we reported in March this year: “Matthews had risen to dizzying heights in Microsoft, climbing the greasy management pole to become one of the company’s inner cabal and an advisor to Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and the rest.”