UK government to expel the Oracles

Consulting-the-Oracle-JWW-1884The UK government has decided to purge its systems of Larry Ellison’s Oracle software.

The UK Cabinet Office has reportedly asked departments and agencies to try to find ways to end their reliance on Oracle software.

Seemingly there are a large number of Oracle licences currently supported within the U.K. government and some of departments already pay for licences of their own as well as separate software versions.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) alone has paid $2 million per year for some two million Oracle licences, or about 200 licences per staff member.

Part of the problem is that Oracle keeps putting its prices up and the company is not interested in providing discounts. The government is also to blame for not having a coherent software buying policy.

What might keep Oracle’s foot on the throat of the UK government is that its software is embedded it a way which makes its removal difficult.  However the ruling could mean that Oracle loses out on new contracts.