UK gov gives nod for Universal Credit IT off-shoring

The government is taking a hands off approach to companies off-shoring IT jobs, as Chris Grayling confirms that the Universal Credit system will allow work to go to staff in India.

The employment minister said that though existing jobs would be kept in the UK, it would not stop contractors IBM and Accenture from creating jobs abroad.  

“All off-shoring work for universal credit is new development and we are not moving existing UK based work to India,” Grayling said in a parliamentary written answer. “Off-shoring of work by our IT service providers is not a matter for the Department for Work and Pensions.”

He did not, however, state the number of roles which would be created abroad, though the Guardian has previously revealed the number to be in the “hundreds”.

Grayling said that firms were being forced to go abroad for IT work as the skill base on key technologies “resides overseas, and not necessarily in the UK”.

A spokesperson for the PCS union told TechEye that Grayling should be doing more to create more skilled jobs rather than shipping them abroad, particularly with unemployment levels rocketing.

While off-shoring continues to affect the IT industry, despite promises from the government to readdress its strategies, the situation with onshoring also continues to create problems.

The idea that there are not talented IT workers on a national or local level is just an idea. As TechEye has pointed out, firms are more than willing to employee foreign workers on the cheap at the expense of UK jobs, another area where the government has failed to act to protect domestic IT workers.