UK cloud industry becomes clown industry

The Cloud Industry Forum and the UK’s Cloud Alliance are planning a release to demonstrate what they share in common and agree on. It follows a faux spat, initiated by the CIF, greeting the launch of the Cloud Alliance with skepticism. But heck, this is storage, not Star Wars.

Both are understandably seeking to leverage their messages – presumably something along the lines of “use cloud” – the whole situation is quickly decending into delusion and self importance.

Constructing a story on the UK’s cloud industry, TechEye was urged by both parties to hold off on a story until later this week because of certain revelations which will certainly not be revelations.

The PR spin on storage has spiralled out of control and is providing TechEye staffers with great amusement. We were even told by a representative of one company involved with the Cloud Alliance when we were able to use a drafted comment, based on an imagined embargo. 

A section of the quote went: “The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has very similar goals to the UK Cloud Alliance. Both were established to provide transparency through a code of practice for credible cloud service providers. Both bring together consumers and suppliers of cloud services in a trusted environment.”

You can see why it was important to hold back on publishing it.

Hilariously, we published an article which reached out to others working in the cloud in the UK.

The idea was to have the industry define itself in five words or less.

We wrote, with tongue in cheek, that we hoped each quote clears things up for you. Highlights included “Utility IT enabling superior agility”. It was never clear to us whether the PRs and clients involved were aware of how funny the corporate photos are or quite got the joke. TechEye has an inkling towards the former.

All it proved to us is that the entire industry isn’t clear where it stands, what it is doing, or how it is working with each other or independently. Not to mention reinforcing our belief that cloud is firmly entrenched in buzzwords.

After the initial piece was published, we had a flurry of companies keen to place corporate photos of their representatives next to the others.

The big boys got involved, including Dell, HP, Salesforce and plenty of others. Some sent follow-up emails to make sure their photos would be included or added to the feature.

The in-fighting and marketing spin within the UK’s relatively small cloud industry provides great hoopla for all of us, but pity on the poor sods who feel compelled to regurgitate the stuff. You’ll hear something from the CIF and CA later this week – it’s expected to be just what Wapping needs to get Brooks and Murdoch out of the headlines.

Here are a couple of the remaining photos from Dell and HP. Dell’s abacus seems to have exploded, because we count eight words.

Mark Bilder at Dell says cloud is about Yes, Now!

Sukhi Gill at HP says Cloud is EVERYTHING as a service.