Twitter is going to go public

Twitter is about to launch its first IPO.

The company has been rumoured to be planning an IPO for years. It seemed to be doing rather well and have its internet and mobile act sorted.

However, Twitter had refused to go for an IPO until the time was right. In fact, chief executive Dick Costolo has for years waved off suggestions it intended to go public, saying the company had tons of cash.

Facebook’s mismanaged 2012 IPO and subsequent share-price plunge put lots of investors off internet companies.

Now, according to the Guardianthat has changed, with Twitter filing for an initial public offering with US regulators.

This is taking the first step toward what would be Silicon Valley’s most anticipated debut since the Facebook fiasco last year.

Facebook has slowly clawed its way back after going public and the stock is at a record high after touching $45 this week.

Twitter filed for an IPO confidentially under a 2012 law intended to help emerging corporations with less than $1 billion in revenue go public.

Twitter should be in a better position than Facebook.

Its stock has been valued by private investors at more than $10 billion, it should break even this year and is on track for 40 percent annual growth at a $1 billion annual revenue run rate.

The outfit has control of the mobile market and an enormous database of users. The company makes money by inserting paid, targeted ads that resemble ordinary, user-generated content.