Twitter gets the works

Desperate to prevent discussion of a corruption case the Turkish government has decided to ban Twitter.

Anyone in Turkey who tries to go to the website is redirected to a statement from the country’s telecommunications regulator instead.

Demonstrating their knowledge of the social notworking site, they did not block the microblogging site’s SMS service which is apparently flat out now.

Twitter users got the government’s goat when some users posted voice recordings and documents, which allegedly reveal corruption within the Turkish prime minister’s inner circle.

Hours before the blackout, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan threatened to shut Twitter down while speaking at a political rally to campaign for the March 30th local elections.

He claimed the accusations are merely a smear campaign by his opponents and even dismissed other countries’ criticisms.

At the rally he told his cheering supporters that “sod the international community we will show them how powerful Turkey is”.

Apparently, it is so powerful that it cannot handle its citizens pointing out how corrupt its government is.