Turkish PM guns for Twitter again

Emboldened by an election result which indicates that most Turks don’t care if his government is corrupt, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan slammed a constitutional court ruling lifting a ban on Twitter.

Erdogan is currently purging the state of anyone who disagrees with him and it is quite possible that the constitutional court will be on his list.

He said that the court should have rejected an application to restore access to the micro-blogging site.

Erdogan told reporters at a news conference before departing on a trip to Azerbaijan that the government had complied with the ruling but he did not respect it.

Twitter’s appeal should have been rejected on procedural grounds.

Access to Twitter was blocked on March 21 in the run-up to local elections and Turkey’s telecoms authority lifted the two-week-old ban on Thursday after the court ruled the block breached freedom of expression.

Erdogan wanted Twitter off line so that opposition groups would stop using it to point out a corruption scandal involving him and his ministers. He had managed to silence the press, but could not stop people chatting about it on Twitter.

Fortunately, for Erdogan, whose electoral base is in the less well-connected poorer regions of Turkey, his voters did not really care if his trotters were in the trough and he did well in the elections.

Ironically that means that for him to be incredibly popular all he as to do is be nicer to the well educated parts of Turkey and allow more free speech and he should have a happy country. He probably feels this is “too easy”.