TSMC, Sony, Citrix, Infineon, Toshiba results out

It’s this quarter’s results season. Sony has posted a loss, Toshiba did OK, TSMC has issued a profit warning, while Infineon and Citrix both managed growth.

Sony’s net loss has been blamed partially on the tragedy in Japan earlier this year. As a result, it has decided to lower its yearly earning forecast. There’s a net loss of ¥15.5 billion, or about $200 million. The same time last year was a net profit of ¥25.7 billion, or $330 million.

Although Sony blames the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we can’t help but feel there was another event this year that might have made a dent in its profits. 

It now forecasts the fiscal year up to 2012 at ¥60 billion ($772 million) instead of ¥80 billion ($1 billion). 

Toshiba, meanwhile, had emergency infrastructure plans to thank for making a small profit in its first quarter. It has recorded ¥470 million ($6 million) in profits for the quarter, says the Dow Jones, compared to ¥466 million ($5.9 million) at the same time last year. However, operating profits did drop by 88 percent, down from ¥33.79 billion ($424 million) last year to ¥4.12 billion ($53 million) for the quarter. 

The world’s largest maker of chips, TSMC, has posted an 11 percent drop in profits compared to the same time last year. The poor results are likely thanks to a wider market problem in low demand for chips. Let’s not get carried away, though: the results won’t quite give investors the shakes. Its net profit for the quarter ending June was NT$35.95 billion, or $1.25 billion, says the Dow Jones.  Year on year, it’s a drop from 2010’s NT$40.28 billion ($1.39 billion).

TSMC has stayed quiet on reasons for the loss, but it has narrowed its capacity expansion by two percent. Now it plans to expand by 17 percent instead of 19 percent.
Infineon, which sold its wireless business to Intel last year, has posted growth. Its latest quarterly revenue hit €1.043 million ($1.498 million). That is up from five percent over the last quarter, it says.

Total segment results for its third fiscal quarter hit €212 million ($304 million), up another five percent from €202 million ($290 million) in the previous quarter.

The European chipmaker is planning some expansion, including another 200mm process clean room at its Kulim, Malaysia site. It will also use a clean room it bought in May from Qimonda for mass manufacturing devices on 300mm wafers. Infineon says it forecasts €250 million ($359 million) in expansion investment up to 2014. 

Citrix has posted growth too. Its quarterly revenue for its fiscal Q2 is $531 million, up 16 percent from the same time last year, which say at $458 million. Citrix claims its product licence revenue had a 15 percent boost, while licence update revenue grew nine percent.

The company plans to reach overall revenue for its 2011 fiscal year of between $2.16 billion and $2.19 billion.