Tsar Putin's number two wants to join tech industry

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is fed up with politics and said he is thinking of becoming an angel of the hi-tech business.

It is the first clear hint that Medvedev is going to quit rather than have the somewhat embarrassing face down with Tsar Vladimir Putin who wants his old job back.

Medvedev was hand-picked for the presidency by his predecessor, Vladimir Putin, who currently serves as prime minister because he was not allowed to seek a second term. Once he has a term off, he was expected back.

Medvedev, 45, wants a job at Skolkovo, a Moscow suburb where he is trying to develop a hi-tech hub similar to California’s Silicon Valley.

He told the Dozhd cable television channel he wanted to participate in the processes related to the promotion of these new technologies – through Skolkovo or through other institutions – as a business angel or as a man who would be engaged in the development of this business.

Medvedev is a “fan” of new technologies and tweets and blogs using his videoblog on the Kremlin website.

At the moment he does not want to rule out running for office. That will saddle him with the title of “lame duck” and put at risk his modernisation programme.