Troubled Nokia sees MeeGo Devices VP resign

Troubled phone firm Nokia could be in more hot water.

The mobile phone manufacturer has announced that its MeeGo Devices VP, Ari Jaaksi,has resigned. According to sources Jaaksi chose to leave and not over complaints with new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.  

We spoke with Nokia which said it still aims to release the first device this Christmas, however it was unable to tell us much more – “Nokia is currently remaining silent,” a representative told us.

Jaaksi was partly responsible for the development of Maemo, the Linux-based platform that formed part of the basis of the MeeGo co-project with Intel.  According to Endgadget  he will be replaced by Alberto Torres, who until now was EVP of Nokia Solutions.

The announcement could be a blow to Nokia, which has been pinning all its hopes on the MeeGo following the slow death of its Symbian OS. Sony Ericsson ditched Symbian recently for Android and Windows Phone 7, while Samsung already left it behind when it coupled with Android and its own Bada some time back.

Last month analyst Gartner  hit out at Symbian  describing it a “failure.”

The MeeGo OS is targeted at mobile and embedded devices and was first announced in February. It is a collaboration between Intel and Nokia and is managed by The Linux Foundation.

Mobile-Reviews Eldar Murtazin claims that although Nokia’s N9 hardware is “near perfect”  the MeeGo software build is “not so good at the moment.” Not sounding good for MeeGo.

Nokia hasn’t had a good year. It posted poor financial figures back in July and is way behind the rest of the gang for smartphones.