Troll gives angry Judge "dog ate my homework" excuse

Copyright troll Righthaven is blaming an update to a computer browser for not electronically submitting a legal filing before an angry judge’s deadline.

To say that the filing was critical to Righthaven is an understatement. US District Judge Roger Hunt was demanding Righthaven explain why the outfit made “dishonest statements to the court.”

According to Wired, Righthaven’s Las Vegas lawyer Shawn Mangano said it was because an “automatic software update for the internet browser” on his computer caused the browser to stop working with the federal judiciary’s electronic filing system. While the CM/ECF system was accessible, it did not permit any files to be attached (.pdf) for submission, Righthaven claimed.

The filing system is fairly basic but its compatible with the major browsers, including IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

If is not clear why, if this was the case, Righthaven did not simply roll back the update for such a crucial document, or even get a statement from someone else, more technical, to say that it was true.

You would think that survival would be high on Righthaven’s agenda right now as Hunt had demanded it explain why it should not be sanctioned it for trying to “manufacture standing.”

He also wanted to know why Righthaven failed to tell anyone that Las Vegas firm Stephens Media had a “pecuniary interest”in the outcome of Righthaven cases.

Righthaven claimed in its lawsuits that it owned the copyrights it was suing over. But the internal memo disclosed that it did not.