Trend Micro receiving buy-out offers

The insecurity outfit, which still thinks that TechEye  is a dangerous site, claims that it is being wooed by some of the top names in the IT industry with buy out offers.

Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen told Digitimes that her outfit has received many acquisition offers from first-tier IT players.

She said that the company prefers to be independent operators, but since it’s a publicly listed company, she would have to go for it.

Company chairman Steve Chang also pointed out that the company’s long-term plan is to remain independent but it would accept a merger offer.

It is not clear where the offers are coming from. Digitimes suggested Intel, but that would be daft, particularly as the outfit has just bought McAfee and many observers are still wondering why. Trend is also a lot more expensive than McAfee.

Trend does have a more cloudish emphasis and a big engineer team. It has also acquired cloud computing storage applications maker Humyo earlier this year and has spent a large amount promoting its business.

In the long term, the company expects the return from its investment in cloud computing will be huge.

The company has already formed an alliance with VMware and will launch several security products for VMware’s virtual products.