TPV to set up global HQ in Taiwan

TPV Technology is  moving its global operational headquarters to Taiwan while also investing NT$50 billion (US $1.58 billion) into setting up an R&D centre along with factories in the region.

TPV and big name flat panel display supplier AU Optronics are already mates, to a point, and the move will see them continue to hold hands and join efforts to keep LCD contract big boy Hon Hai at bay.  AU Optronics and TPV just recently announced a joint venture to establish an LCD module factory in South America, adding to the two co-built factories already established in Poland.

TPV has a production base in China and is already pally with Taiwanese firms though is also friendly with outfits on the mainland – something AU Optronics will be keen to take advantage of. It’s also on good terms and has alliances with others in Taiwan including Epistar.

It’s expected that the Hong Kong and Singapore listed TPV will brief the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs – MOEA – on the big idea very soon. It’s thought that the company is looking for a large plot in Taipei County.

Taiwan Economic News lists an insider saying that as well as expanding in the region, it needs to set up shop in the area to cater for the increasing LCD TV-use Flat Panel Displays (FPDs). FPDs are tough to transport, so by setting up near AU Optronics, a large supplier, it’ll give itself the logistics edge. The source says that TPV will ask AU Optronics to stick some factories inside the new development.

Some major brands TPV holds LCD product contracts with are Sony, Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung and LG. It managed to ship out 26.4 million LCD monitors and 6.3 million LCD TVs in the first half of the year.