Toshiba releases 24nm NAND

Toshiba has released SmartNAND, which is a 24 nm NAND flash product family.

SmartNAND uses a 24nm process NAND flash technology with a control chip that supports error correction code (ECC). It can manage densities ranging from four to 64GB.

The big idea of the technology is that it can remove the burden of ECC from the host processor, while minimising protocol changes. It also simplifies the host-side design and means that advanced NAND technology can be shoved under the bonnet of a range of applications including portable media players, tablet PCs, digital TVs, set-top-boxes, and other devices.

Scott Nelson, Tosh’s vice president, said that demand continues to grow for high density chips for high resolution video and enhanced storage.

Channelling Buzz Lightyear,  he claimed that SmartNAND will provide customers a smoother design “into 24nm generation and beyond.”

Systems designers can directly manage the NAND using a standard or custom host NAND controller, while leaving the function of error correction within the NAND package, he said.

SmartNAND 24nm will kill off 32nm generation devices and its faster controller and internal interface achieves faster read and write speeds will enhances overall performance, Nelson promised.

Samples of the new SmartNAND family are available in mid-April and mass production will begin in the second quarter of 2011. Of course Nand prices are about to shoot through the roof at the moment thanks to the Japanese quake. Tosh should do well out of it all.