Top ten strange names in tech

TechEye loves an unsual name, who doesn’t? And when we discovered today that Windows Snyder had moved from his position at Mozilla to Apple we thought we’d look through some of our favourite names in tech.

Please add your favourite unusual technology names in the comments section.

  1. Windows Snyder, Apple
  2. Frank Fox, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Engineering, Nvidia
  3. Randy Ringer, Senior Director Windows Client PMG Europe, Microsoft
  4. Ming Wang, Chief Financial Officer, Acer
  5. Biz Stone, Twitter CEO
  6. Ben Fried, Chief Information Officer, Google
  7. Kent Walker, Vice President & General Counsel, Google
  8. David Dibble, Executive Vice President, Service Engineering & Operations, Yahoo!
  9. Randy Furr, Spansion Inc
  10. Roger Bottum, vice president of marketing, SpringCM

The almost made it list includes:

  1. Tandy Trower, GM, UI Strategy, Microsoft
  2. Bill (William) Dally, Chief Scientist, Nvidia
  3. Axel Steinman, Regional Director, South CONE Latin America, Microsoft
  4. Ravi Holi, Adobe Europe
  5. John McCool, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Data Center, Switching and Services Group, Cisco

A special mention goes to Sir Jock Stirrup, who is the chief RAF spokesperson.