Top RIM exec defects amid PlayBook shame

According to a research report by Strategy Analytics, unoptimised Windows 7 tablets are performing better than RIM’s PlayBook. It will come as yet another blow to a launch plagued by setbacks.

Bad reviews and an advertising campaign which is centred around its ability to play Flash has made certain RIM’s much-hyped flagship tablet has floundered. Market King is, of course, Apple’s iPad. It is what the consumer wants, and its marketing, if irritating, has seduced the public into going mad for it. 

What’s weird is Windows 7 isn’t really fit for tablet computing. Most people who have played around on a Windows 7 tablet will tell you it’s a frustrating experience, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers releasing them anyway. We guess the market share win is thanks to companies in the APAC area hammering out a string of Windows 7 releases to get cheap tablets to market. Acer’s Iconia is an example.

Windows tablets held 4.6 percent market share for Q2, while RIM managed 3.3 percent, says Reuters

Whispers are that RIM is planning to dramatically pull the PlayBook from shelves.

Android employs the same tactics as with mobile. Flood the market, automatically win the market share. The iPad holds top spot with 61.3 percent, but Android has rushed into second place since last year, up 2.9 percent to 30 percent. Same old story. 

RIM must be aware that it has the marketing all wrong. According to the Wall Street Journal, top marketing manager Ryan Bidan has decided to leave the troubled Canadian business and join forces with Samsung instead.

Samsung confirmed to the WSJ that he will join the company, but said he hasn’t started yet.

Judging by the disasters sprouting up at RIM, if rivals really want to cripple the company, they should probably just leave staff in Ontario to it.