Toothbrush knows more about you than you do

It seems that the tech industry wants to get all the appliances in the known world plugged in and communicating handy facts to government spooks.

A French firm Kolibree was showing off an electric toothbrush at the International CES trade show. The toothbrush uploads details of how well they are brushing their teeth via a smartphone app.

Each brushing is recorded, and the data tells users if they have brushed long enough and cleaned hard-to-reach but important parts of their teeth and gums, according to Kolibree.

The toothbrush is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone running Kolibree’s app. There will be versions of the app for Apple’s iPhones, the iPod Touch and Android-based smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and 4, according to Kolibree’s website.

Of course Kolibree thinks that the more people learn about their brushing habits, the faster they can do something to improve them. However, no one appears to have thought how the British government might use this data against them.

David Cameron might come up with some revelation that poor people do not brush their teeth properly and use data acquired from hacking into the toothbrush app to link school funding to how well kids in the region brush their teeth. You may mock, but basing them on exam results is just as silly.

What if a study reveals that people who brush their teeth anti-clockwise were actually harbouring secret fantasies about blowing up the Houses of Parliament or were actually pedophiles? Similar arguments have been used by Cameron to bring in ISP filtering.

Take our word for it, internet monitoring of your teeth brushing is only a short step away from what was tried in East Germany after the war.

[I think it is time you took that holiday Edward. Ed]