Times believes the iPad will save journalism

An article today in the newspaper formerly known as “The Thunderer” suggests that the future of journalism hangs on the Apple iPad.

Owners of the Apple iPad can subscribe to the Times iPad edition through the Apple App Sore [Shurely Store, Ed.]

According to the Times, “many in the newspaper industry are backing it to change journalism”. The article says that the iPad is eagerly awaited in the UK.

It continues that many media organisations believe they can change the  mistakes they’ve made in the past with online journalism – letting them charge for content that they formerly provided for nothing.

These media organisations have a big problem. They know that the internet is huge, they know that they pay a fortune to distribute mounds of paper throughout the nation.

Online pundits think that rather than pay for online content, people will go somewhere else where the content is free and the suppliers don’t have huge paper and distribution overheads.

The Times is showing off its new online site here, before it starts charging people to read it.