THQ British operation shut down

Software publisher THQ has decided to shut down its UK development team and has given 36 developers their pink slips and P45s.

Another ten will say on to make sure that the studio’s current project, Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team, through to release on PSN. That is nearly done.

However according to Develop  magazine the closure has spawned three start-ups.

Two of them are studios. One is called D3T, a three man team led by Jamie Campbell and Stephen Powell.

The other will be established by Don Whiteford and Ric Badger, they have not named their new operation yet.

A concept team, called Alien Apple Studios, is also being being formed by Stu and Donna Jennett.

Some of the other developers have been offered work by Sony and Evolution.

Studio founder Colin Bell is walking away from the games industry for a bit. He said that THQ had done all they can through the consultancy period and have treated staff with respect.

He said he had no regrets having provided around 400 man years of employment over the last eight years.

The studio did well with its Juiced franchise which flogged more than five million copies and there is some hope that Warhammer 40k Kill Team will make a few sales too. However THQ has been suffering since its Homefront game did not do very well.