This week's TechEye Bible reading

And Lo, it came to pass that the French did raise a short King to ruleth them.  His name was Nicolas Sarkozy.2. King Sarkozy was mocked for he was nearly as short as King Berlusconi  of the Milanese.  And so he did choose for himself a wife Carla of Bruni who was very tall and pretty.  For the French respected people who were tall and pretty, even if they shaggith Mick Jagger.3. And King Sarkozy did wineth and dineth the movie and films stars and they accepted him, even if he was as short as Tom Cruise.  And so he did bring in laws to helpith his friends by disconnecting French people from the Internet if they copied their films, even unto the back catalogue.4. Then it came to pass that Sarkozy was running out of money.  His tall and pretty wife seemed to be spending more than the country had and if more cash could not be found, they might have to forgo a holiday with Sting in the lands of Tuscany where the grapes are fat and the wine unassuming.5. And his tall and pretty wife did spake unto him and say, “my boss has a great idea to make a few bobeth on the side.  He thinketh that we should tax the evil Google empire into a coma.”6. “For did they not photograph me on the street with their pesky street view car without payeth me hugeth amounts of euros?”7. And Sarkozy spake and said: “But Google existith in America, and so doth its customers. We cannot tax them without taxingth the world?”8. But Patrick of Zelnik, who was Carla of Bruni’s boss, spake unto Sarkozy and said: “what do we care of the Americans? Did we not win the last war without them? Do they not eateth of the grilled meat between the bread?  These are a people ignorant of food, even if they have managed to do rather a lot with French fries”9. And Sarkozy agreed saying that these Americans were ignorant of the Frog legs, and the snails, and eateth not of the entrails of the lamb and thus should be taxed even unto the hilt.10.  And the French senate voted to levy a tax of one percent on online ads starting  in the year of our Lord 2011.  11. And Sarkozy and  Carla of Bruni did plan their holidays for 2011 confidently expecting that the people of Google would provide Gold and Silver from online advertising to pay for it.12. However Sarkozy knew as much about the powers of the Internet as his tall and pretty wife, Carla of Bruni, knew of acting and singing.  And when they went unto the place where the Google tax was collected they found it empty.13. And Sarkozy was wroth, for he had already booked his ticket to  Tuscany, even unto first class, with extra leggeth room for his tall and pretty wife.14. And Patrick of Zelnik said unto him. “My LORD we sentith French tax collectors to the people of Google in the American lands and they told us to Go Forth and Multiply.”15. They said they had a revolution about paying taxes without having political power and apparently they only won because we helped them.16. And Sarkozy and his tall and pretty wife had to go to Scunthorpe, for it was all they could afford.