Things are looking up for LG


SHORPY_11565a.previewLG, which has been having a rough time lately, expects sales at its mobile division to improve starting from the fourth quarter.

Speaking at a launch event for the new V10 smartphone, LG mobile division chief Cho Juno told reporters the firm will use the high-end device as well as new mid-to-low tier products to boost market share.

He declined to give any specific targets but hinted that the new devices should help LG’s bottom line considerably.

LG will start selling the V10 smartphone in South Korea on October 8.

The V10 has two front cameras and a small secondary screen that works independently from the main 5.7-inch display, is priced at $679.6 which is 11 percent lower than domestic rival Samsung cheapest Galaxy Note 5 phablet model.

The firm also said it is preparing its own mobile payments service but declined to elaborate further.

Of course even if the V10 is well priced, and gets good reviews, LG has to deal with the fact that smartphone sales all over the world are falling faster than Julie Cruise on her way to a Twin Peaks remake.