The world and its dog get sued over encryption

A case started in the Tyler division of the Eastern District of Texas against a large number of vendors accused of breaching an encryption patent.

The Pacid Group alleged that Asus, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Fujitsu, LG, Gigabyte, GBT, MSI, Motorola, Research in Motion, Nikon, Microsoft, Nintendo, HTC and Palm breached US patent number 5,963,646 and another patent 6,049,612.

The first patent is called Secure Deterministic Encryption, Key Generator System and Method and was issued to inventors Guy Fielder and Paul Alito on the 5th of October 1999. The second patent also names the same inventor and is called File Encryption Method and System, issued on April the 11th, 2000.

The writ names a number of products made by the defendants that are alleged to breach the patent, including notebooks, mobile phones, printers, routers, digital cameras, Blu-ray disk players and portable media players.

Microsoft products such as Zune players and Xbox wireless adapters are also alleged to breach the patent in question. The Nintendo Wii console and the DS breach the patent, it’s alleged.

Pacid Group is suing them all and wants damages and a jury trial.