The Washington Post: An apology

We had a letter from an attorney at the Washington Post which we reproduce in full below. Mr Nick Farrell has apparently irritated the great and the mighty. The article was about Obama’s attitude to space, AFAIK.  We have taken down Nick Farrell’s piece, which you can’t and won’t find here anymore. And here is the letter that explains what we need to do now. Which we’ve done. We trust we’ve heard the last of this. We are the tiny TechEye, not the Great WashPost.

Mr. Magee,

Thank you for your reply and responsiveness.  We would ask that you please promptly take down Mr. Farrell’s piece and replace it with a statement explaining that you have removed the article in light of its similarity to Mr. Krauthammer’s February 12 column in The Post.  We would also ask that you provide a link to Mr. Krauthammer’s column where you reference his work.

For example, you might consider language along the lines of the following:

“We have removed the article that previously appeared on this page in light of its similarity to Charles Krauthammer’s February 12, 2010 column “Closing the new frontier” in The Washington Post.  We apologize for the inconvenience.”

As mentioned, we would ask that you hyperlink the title of Mr. Krauthammer’s column to its location on our website (

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this.  We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.


Timothy Jucovy
Associate Counsel
The Washington Post