The Demonoid is nearly back from the dead

The Demonoid tracker came back online today after a year of being offline.

The tracker is linked to nearly 400,000 torrent files and more than a million peers, which makes it one of the largest working BitTorrent trackers on the Internet.

It is still not completely ready for prime time but the people behind it say they are working to revive one of the most famous file-sharing communities.

Demonoid was one of the single largest semi-private BitTorrent tracker that ever existed with millions of file sharers. It was killed off in August 2012, because of technical difficulties.

Two months ago, the site owners put up a notice suggesting that they were planning to restore Demonoid to its former glory.

Today the site’s tracker  was revived, and at the time of writing the tracker is coordinating the communications of 1.3 million people scattered across 388,321 torrent files.

Overnight Demonoid has instantly settled itself among the five largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet.

Demonoid has traded in its Ukrainian provider for one in Sweden.

It is not clear if Demonoid users can still use their old accounts, as the database may have been hacked.

According to Torrent Freak,  fhe tracker that was revived today uses Demonoid’s original .com domain.