The Beatles will release back catalogue through iTunes

Apple will announce that it will finally be Fixing A Hole in its iTunes catalogue by releasing all of The Beatles’ work through its online music store.

It is expected that after many years of disputes, Apple and The Beatles will finally Come Together after initially falling out over the computer giant’s use of the Beatle’s Apple Corp name and logo back in 1978.

Representatives of both Apple and the Beatles record label EMI met last week, though spokesmen have declined comment so far.

Now both parties are expected to announce that We Can indeed Work It Out with an “exciting announcement” expected from Apple. A statement on the Apple website states “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.”

Even though music sales have plummeted in recent years the Beatles have remained a franchise that has consistently generated an enormous amount of sales.  The band sold the third highest number of albums in the US last year at 3.3 million,according to Nielsen SoundScan, despite it being 39 years after the band split up.  Not that Apple need much Help! on the money front these days, with Steve Jobs able to say Baby, He’s A Rich Man Too.

Unfortunately for Apple Money Can’t Buy You Love all of the time though. Other major acts such AC/DC and Kid Rock have also opted to stay as Free As A Bird rather than making a deal with iTunes, though Led Zeppelin and Metallica have softened their attitudes of late.

The deal follows a bitter history of litigation between the Apple Corp and Steve Jobs‘ company over their trademark dispute which ended in 2007 when it was agreed to Let It Be once and for all. 

An announcement is expected at 3pm today, and bookies at William Hill are already offering reduced odds at 10/1 that the Beatles will occupy all ten top ten spaces in the charts before the end of next year.  It is 100/1 that they will occupy all top 40 places.