TG Daily publisher becomes cloud computing CEO

A cloud computing company has been taken over by a cabal including the CEO of TG Daily. Omid Rahmat will become the CEO of ELC Technologies, according to a statement. Handsome, dashing, wicked smart, and shiny Omid Rahmat – as part of a consortium including Kamran Pourzanjani of and have adopted ELC. Rahmat will be the CEO of ELC Technologies.  Rahmat was the CEO of Tom’s Hardware, in the past.

So what is ELC? According to the statement, ELC is a market leader in cloud computing apps development. ELC’s founder, Jonathan Siegel, has moved on to work for VC company Accel Partners.

Investor Pourzanjani came out with an unusual statement, describing cloud based applications and services as being an “explosion” in services.

Rahmat declined to discuss how much the deal was worth, or how he would describe the popular North American technology news site,  but he did say it was “Ruby on Rails” and would help TG Daily, “going forwards” as the Californians say.

Rahmat was the editor in chief of TG Daily. So was I while back. We asked Rahmat who the new editor in chief of TG Daily would be. Rahmat declined to comment, but we hear from sources the new editor in chief may well be Aharon Etengoff, formerly a journalist working for Indian publication IT Examiner, and The News. No one would comment at press time.

Especially not Omid Rahmat.