Texas Instruments does rather well

771423493_oThe maker of our first digital watch (pictured), Texas Instruments is doing a lot better than the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street had predicted.

TI said that its rather shapely bottom line was thanks to higher sales of its analogue and embedded chips.

The chipmaker predicted revenues of $3.07 billion-$3.33 billion for the fourth quarter ending December. Analysts on average $3.12 billion.

It was not all great. The company said that net profitĀ fell to $798 million from $826 million a year earlier. Revenues fell two percent to $3.43 billion due to weak overall demand.

Analysts on average had expected revenue of $3.28 billion.

Analogue chips and embedded chips, used mostly in things like sensors. They are being touted as the next big thing, because of the arrival of the Internet of Things. However since IoT has not really arrived yet, it is surprising to see TI doing so well.

It does mean that if the IoT really does take off, then TI will be taking wheelbarrows of dosh to the bank every day.