Tesco keeps schtum over giant CA Technologies deal

Tesco announced a $45 million partnership with CA Technologies to manage its IT infrastructure, though came up tight-lipped over the deal when questioned.

The supermarket behemoth and alleged despoiler of quaint local stores has chucked the cash at CA Technologies to oversee its global IT operations, including Tesco Bank and Tesco Mobile.

This apparently means presiding over the general well being of the Tesco “IT supply chain”, and covering “mainframe, desktop computers, servers, networks, credit card transactions, suppliers and supply orders”.

Tesco says it is investing the money in CA Technologies so as to essentially sort out any IT related problems.

With a new hardware contract with Microsoft recently announced too it may have to brush up on its Windows troubleshooting skills.

But with such a large IT contract being touted by Tesco and CA Technologies, even trumping its carbon accounting process, Tesco are interestingly keeping schtum, about the details.

According to CA Technologies CTO the firm will aim to be “helping the brand to do more with less, become more agile, enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately create a more profitable business.”

TechEye approached Tesco but were given short shrift by its PR wing when asking whether this deal has ramifications for outsourcing, or whether the prospect of efficiency savings to meet its targets are on the cards.

Instead we were fed the usual rubbish line of how Tesco looks forward to dealing with CA Technologies and that it relies on it for “software to tame a very big, distributed, heterogeneous infrastructure”.

Unlike Tesco’s famous motto it appears that Very Little Helps when questions are asked.

CA Technologies did come back to us with some info, claiming that there won’t be any more offshoring as part of the deal as “Tesco already have an offshore facility in Bangalore which operates a lot of their IT systems and they will continue to be involved in operating our new solution.”