TechEye's Silly Season Awards 2011

As Silly Season 2011 reaches fever pitch in some corners of the news, TechEye looks at some of our favourite moments so far.

Without further ado, we present to you the much awaited, illustrious red carpet event that is TechEye’s 2011 Silly Season Awards.

Most Persistent Attempt to Flog Questionable Product – Nintendo 3DS

It seems that lessons were not learnt with the Virtual Boy and the Japanese toy maker did it again with the brain-spinning 3DS.  Despite some redeeming features, the headache inducing 3D in the portable device failed to win over customers, leading to an embarrassing price drop.  A shame-faced Nintendo then offered a number of free games to make up for those who had already bought it. This was followed by an offer of free Wi-Fi for users.  And finally, in a real stretch it offered up a stunning new feature – a new colour, the same deep red hue as that of Nintendo’s embarrassed boss’s cheeks.

Most Stylish Attempt to Flog Crap Product – Pierre Cardin

Fancy dress maker attempts to inject world of technology with some glamour by way of de rigueur tablet, doesn’t quite work, as we pointed out. 

Most Valuable Looting Accessory – BlackBerry

Once the tool of the slick business executive, now rioting youths won’t be seen without one during the Summer Of Love 2011. Second place goes to the Molotov cocktail.

Most Evil Industry In The World  – Computer Games Industry

Having already caused the Norway massacre by training psychotic killer Anders Behring Breivik, the evil computer games industry was busy corrupting the world again by the start of August.  But to stake a claim for the award it truly outdid itself by singlehandedly igniting waves of rioting amongst England’s young oiks.  As one police officer put it, a similar situation just would not have happened with Pac-Man and board games.

Most Miraculous Wonder Material – Graphene

Whether it is spurring developments to allow even faster computers, funding the Girl Scout movement in the States, or just floating around in space, there was no end to how many times graphene was described as a ‘wonder material’ this summer.

Most Longwinded Patent Dispute – Joint Winners, Samsung & Apple

Nothing has made the summer slow to a crawl like the ever present dispute between the two tablet and smartphone makers.  Having begun in the deep mists of time, few can remember what this actually began over, but we can be sure we haven’t seen the end of it.

Kim Philby Special Communist Spy Award – John Suffolk

With Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei on the lookout for someone to feed people lines about how talk of its links to Chinese military were rubbish, we didn’t picture a high level English civil servant jumping on board to give them a hand.  Of course we could be totally wrong and Suffolk could well be a well placed, 007-esque double agent. But we think you’ll agree that this is highly unlikely.