TechEye's Person of the Year 2010

With just a day left to decide, TechEye Towers has finally picked our person of the year. Time readers wanted Julian Assange on the cover but they got Zuckerberg instead. The Financial Times plumped for Steve Jobs because of his continued success in reviving Apple and pushing its profits, for the first time, past Microsoft. Ballmer didn’t get a look in anywhere. 

It’s our first one so here are the rules. TechEye’s Person of the Year will have contributed engaging forward thinking solutions unlike any other, an innovator who has demonstrated real acumen – truly adept in their chosen field moving forward. A key game-changing paradigm shift. 

After frenzied thinking through many, many difficult, sleepless nights, TechEye’s editorial team has unanimously decided that our Person of the Year 2010 is… yes, it’s Vondrashek, MD!

The mysterious Vondrashek has followed Mike Magee, TechEye’s editor in chief, through publication after publication leaving a string of profound insight as his trademark paw-prints. Here are some excerpts from Vondrashek this year.

On the rumoured Facebook mobile:

“Addmendeum. On Island in Hong Kong there is City named: Aberdeen, Thats Hutchinson Whompoa Home. Original Dock Side Organiztion was by: msr. Clague. Clague, Nixboc, Baratu. Entire group has ties to Myamar Milatary Extremeist, Death Camp Generals,of Sorts.”

On Arsenic based lifeforms:

“Arsenic Wears ArseHat, In that Banglore has plenty in water system, most in World & Forms Methyl Compounds. Sticky SEX. 

“Most of todays news is covered from long time ago. However, Now Bacteria have name, that Love Arsenic. Multi Cellular, No Go. Arsenic replaces hydrogen with oxygen, Often fits where phosphorous fits & comes in 3 styles. Grey,Yellow & Black. Yellow being waxey.Called metaloid.

“Arsenic Is Bad for Blood & soups Up Nerves. Causing Collaspe of Host. Lead Arsenic & other arssenics’ are used in agriculture as Poison. Flush Out Arsenic or Die.vondrashek arsehat specialist.”

On the BBC planning to record and broadcast at least some of the 2012 olympics in 3D: “Not just Pole Vaulter, Dean. Pole Vaulter With Spiked Shoes Flying into Face, Well Polished Spikes Big, First & Crunch,Owe,My Noggins ‘Bledin’.Wow, Was Only Shimer of Dream.vondrashek”

On Google losing the Lincoln Memorial:

“An Obo, China Is FRE’Mont Mine In Peoples Republic of China.

“Google It, As Bing won’t go Directly to Site. US has prevented further Mining & Oil in USa for Most Part.

“1/6 of USA supply of Rare Mineral comes from FRE’MONT.

“See Drying ponds & Rich Grey Ore, Open Pit & Water Dissolving Precious Thin Metals, Some Believe Metals Go 40 Miles Into Earth.

“One of Primary Sources for Computing & Telephone Usage.vondrashek md”

And here are some select quotes from TechEye staff on Drashek’s ongoing support and why he’s won our honoured and prestigious Person of the Year.

Drashek’s in depth understanding of technology issues, and his ability to get to the heart of any matter make him an icon for what TechEye is all about. – Nick Farrell

Doctor Drashek takes on so many appearances it’s hard not to think of a certain other mysterious Doctor. We wonder if he has, or is, a TARDIS. – Dean Wilson 

Vondrashek, alien watcher, is a visionary in his field and we are pleased to award him with the highest accolade available to us. – Hector Dish

What or who is Drashek? Sometimes we have suspected he is a journalist acquaintance. At other times we think he might be Mike Magee’s alter ego. But he’s not. – Mike Magee


Congratulations Drashek!!!!