TechEye gets invited to cyber sex show

Us hacks get invited to the most titillating press events on occasion. True, mostly the events are long winded, boring server launches, or financial analyst days, but sometimes, just sometimes, an invite will land in our inbox that will somewhat excite us.

Today was one of those days, with TechEye getting an invite to San Francisco’s Cybernet Expo , the premiere trade show for the adult internet business.

The event, due to take place in the heat of July, from the 8th through the 10th, will apparently include “Intensive Training” sessions, which are a “series of single-instructor classes designed to teach attendees various tactics for operating successful adult entertainment businesses on the internet.” Hmmmm.

Connor Young, President of YNOT Network, the operator of Cybernet Expo, also announced his org would be “using some new software this year, so registering for the show is easier than ever.” And here we were thinking this expo was all about the hardware.

“You can register one person, a group of people, and even log back in later to look up the details of your registration,” Young said, which is great news for TechEye, as we plan on registering a full Harem.

In terms of sugar daddies, eMerchantPay has apparently committed to a big investment into Cybernet Expo 2010, picking up the top Diamond Partner position. grabbed a Platinum Sponsor package, whilst the adorable sounding, attorney Eric M. Bernstein and have all signed on for the Gold Sponsor package.

And just in case there are any potential exhibitors [exhibitionists?] out there, Jay Kopita, YNOT’s director of operations had an even more seductive prospect; “Exhibitors get access to free wireless Internet service,” he said, adding “I’ve seen some shows charge twice as much in one day for Internet access alone as we do for the entire exhibit space plus badge.”

Is that what one calls turning cheap tricks, these days?