Tech industry gets drunk on SXSW's fumes

If you thought CES was weird, with its giant neon alien babies and quesadillas, then you haven’t been to South by Southwest.

A two week technology, music and film festival, nerds met hipsters this week in Austin, Texas to kick off the interactive portion of the festival.

When people use the word “meeting” here, it’s code for cocktail party, which is why finding a quiet space to conduct an interview becomes troublesome.

Perhaps that’s why TechEye spotted Apple and News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch’s love child The Daily’s UI creator Whurley dragged into the bathroom at Fogo de Chau’s Brazilian churrascaria by two women.

We later found out that the entire interview was recorded on the toilet, redefining crap content.

Sunday at the Austin Convention Center was a day for keynotes, the most anticipated being Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s talk entitled “Strange Business: Corporate Creative that Doesn’t Suck.”

What did suck though, was the fact the CEO was a no-show for his own 12:30 pm panel. Instead, Aaron With took his place focusing on the fun corporate culture over at Groupon. Perhaps the CEO had a little bit too much fun the night before as the city of Austin was host to a plethora of parties and concerts where the beer was flowing and tacos teeming. Daylight savings time certainly didn’t help the cause.

To top off the weird, last night’s Diggnation party attracted the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore who took the opportunity to flaunt the once reigning prince’s love for social media.

When TechEye asked a source if they had fun partying with Demi and Ashton, she replied “Yes, but they are crazy.”

Our source described getting stuck in a conversation with Demi about her “purse monkey,” a small stuffed animal that lives in the celebrity’s purse and only comes out to play for TwitPics and videos.

And what is the ultimate goal of the Indecent Proposal’s shining star out at SXSW? It’s trending “purse monkey” on Twitter.