TDK is confident of Apple deal

lucas-cranach-the-elder-eve-offering-the-apple-to-adam-in-the-garden-of-eden-c-1520-25-oil-on-wood-detail-of-407328Japanese smartphone bits maker TDK has hinted that it will win some major orders from Apple next year.

Apple likes to keep the names of its manufacturers secret perhaps to keep the illusion that everything was built by Apple.

Company chief executive Takehiro Kamigama said: “Expectations for the next year are high” which seems to suggest that the iPhone will carry more of its high-frequency filters per handset.

There is little new here. Apple is widely believed to be a major client of TDK, although the company has never publicly named it.

TDK has revamped itself into a key smartphone parts supplier, with main products including rechargeable batteries, high-frequency filters that sort out radio signals, and tiny parts called capacitors that control the flow of electricity.

TDK forecasts sales of smartphone-related components to grow to $2.44 billion in the next fiscal year, Kamigama said.

He dismissed¬†concerns that smartphone shipments in China, the world’s largest market, may continue to slow down. “We are confident on increasing our share in rechargeable batteries, because winners in the Chinese handset market are saying they want our batteries,” he said.

Kamigama is betting TDK’s magnetic sensors, which measure the angle in the electric power steering systems and other devices in cars, will draw strong demand.

“We are currently in talks with 40 major automakers and parts suppliers,” he said.