TCA merges with CompTIA

TCA and CompTIA will team up to build the UK’s biggest trade assocation in the channel – it will become one of the largest in Europe.

CompTIA is the Computer Technology Industry Association which represents computer dealerships as well as providing professional certifications in the IT industry. TCA is full of British channel players and vendors – our Editor used to go along to their meetings. 

TCA members – including vendors, distributors and resellers – will be linking arms with CompTIA’s reseller members to form CompTIA TCA Community. It essentially will create a single entity the British channel can operate from, collaborate and drive the industry.

TCA will benefit in that it will gain access to CompTIA’s operational, and educational resources, featuring white papers, best practice tools, industry events, and access to CompTIA’s research – business technology and market studies.

We are informed that in the next few weeks, TCA members will receive their full welcome kits – letting them know the kind of gubbins they’ll get their hands on and access to the full CompTIA resource centre.

In a note sent to members, TCA says: “We are pleased to announce this merger and truly believe you and your colleagues will greatly benefit from the endless resources now available to you.”