Taxman won’t discriminate against digitally disabled

Tax Man or Tax PersonPeople that don’t use the internet won’t be forced to by the British tax person.

That emerged when David Gauke, the financial secretary to the Treasury, outlined the government attitude to netless people.

Gauke said: “HMRC recognise that their [sic] customers’ needs are varied and that some of their customers will have difficulty or would prefer not to manage their tax affairs online.”

He continued: “It won’t be compulsory for people to interact with them [sic] digitally and they [sic] will continue to provide help and support to ensure that they [the customers] can access HMRC services.”

Nevertheless, HMRC has embarked on a project to design and implement its future support models for “digitally excluded customers”.

It is all set to do a dummy run using an unnamed third party with the aim of supporting people without net access to digital services.

He said that every new or redesigned HMRC digital services has to go through detailed research with digitally excluded customers.

It’s also training its staff to recognise “digitally excluded” customers and help them out.