Tame Apple press claims Jobs good value

When there is not enough good news about Apple about, the tame Apple press resorts to dusting off this old chestnut about Steve Jobs only being paid a dollar.

The implication is that since Jobs is not paid a salary, he is producing all those Apple toys entirely for users’ benefit and does not profit at all.

Nine to five Mac says that Jobs works very hard for his one dollar  and Business Insider wonders how Jobs’ gets by on his dollar salary.  He has been collecting a dollar salary every year since he started work and so this is not really news.

What is surprising about this is everyone knows how he makes money from Apple. He is paid in less taxable shares and makes an absolute fortune. He currently owns about $1.2 billion worth of Apple stock. He was also awarded Steve 10 million Apple shares in March of 2003, and they are vesting this month.

He also gets use of the “aging” Jobsmobile jet to move about the universe in, and of course has a generous expenses allowance.

All up Steve is a mega shareholder of Apple who earns more if the outfit is making cash.

A salary is irrelevant and it is strange that the press makes much out of his dollar salary unless they keep wanting to perpetuate the myth that he is doing the job for love.