Tame Apple Press calls for Jobs to take over US

The Tame Apple Press has been getting sillier and sillier with its pro-Jobs’ Mob claims lately.

Not satisfied with claiming that the Tablet is killing off the PC, the press now claims that Apple has more cash than the US government .

The implication is that Apple could buy the US and sort out the entire nation’s economy, or some such bollocks and probably sort out the nation’s economic woes.

“The feds could probably learn a thing or two from Apple’s success,” enthuses Chris Moody in the The Ticket magazine.

Like most press release spin the concept is fatally flawed. Apple’s quarterly financial report shows it has $76.4 billion in reserve cash, while the Treasury Department is sitting on just $73.7 billion. So without actually engaging the brain, the Tame Apple Press thinks this means that Jobs’ Mob has more cash than the US government.

However, what if you compare the US operating balance against Apple’s reserves? US reserves are 2,907,837 millions, or 40 times more than Apple’s. Of course Apple has zero debt, which means that it is in a good state as far as a business goes. However, comparing a business with a government is like comparing Apple with pears.

For a start it is easy to have zero debt when you are not required to have social programmes, a standing army, go to war, run national parks and a legal system.

Apple does not have a problem with people trying to avoid paying for its products either, nor does it have its senior management being bribed by “lobbying groups” to produce products that no one wants.

I hate to invoke the spirit of Godwin, but the newspapers that are making these comparisons are effectively calling for some form of fascist utopia in the former colony of Virginia. The logic seems that there is a belief that if Steve Jobs can make tablets a money spinner he could do a better job of running the country under a constitution which is similar to Apple’s business model.

Since that is fascism, complete with black shirted fanboys policing the web for nasty comments, compulsary censorship and and micromanagement of personal life,  it would seem that the Tame Apple Press is advocating a Fascist State run by Jobs.  Still at least the Army would be disbanded. Jobs does not believe in security.