Tame Apple Press blames the US dollar for poor iPhone sales

Apple sauceThe Tame Apple Press – which is desperate to save its favourite company from the wrath of shareholders – is trotting out all sorts of excuses for Job’s Mob’s poor performance.

Rather than dealing with the truth, which is that its iPhone 6s was not worth buying just because Apple sold it, or admit that the company has no new ideas, the cunning plan is to blame the strong US dollarand hope that people don’t notice.

Matt O’Brien of the The Washington Post claimed that when you sell an iPhone in a country whose currency is declining in value you are going to lose money. Most countries in the world have a weaker currency than the United States so that is the reason Apple can’t sell iPhones. He then waxed lyrical about how the government needed to do something to tackle this problem.

However the dollar has been a problem for US companies for nearly 18 months and all the while Apple has been recording “historic profits.” So what makes this result so different that Jobs’ Mob is suddenly harmed?

How did the dollar affect the sales of the iPhone 6S or the iWatch which were all terrible sellers, by Apple’s normal standards. Apple’s Chinese market, for example, which should have shown the full impact of the almighty dollar did reasonably well for a high-end phone. It just did not do as well as Apple and the Tame Apple Press insisted it would.

When Analysts look at the failure of Apple they are not talking about the dollar, which pretty much harms everyone, they focus on the fact that smartphones and tablets have run out of steam. They are no longer the super cool innovative thing that everyone must have. In fact the iPhone looks like every other phone out there and you can find others which do the same thing a lot cheaper.

Apple has nothing new to wow the great unwashed with any more. What is more it does not seem to have anything on the horizon either. The Apple Car which might do well is years away. AI and AR and the Internet of Stuff is all supposed to be where the industry is going and Apple is not making any of that yet.

Finally the rising dollar only effects those US companies when they try to bring money back into the land of the free. Apple famously sticks all its overseas cash in foreign bank-accounts to keep it away from the US taxman. So while it might lose a bit of cash if it tries to maintain its US prices in foreign parts it is not going to make much of difference to its bottom line.

To be fair to Apple, it has never suggested this. The dollar story comes without any quote from Apple which it never made much of a mention of it in its results. This is all the invention of hacks who cannot understand that Apple has had its day and is just another ordinary tech company.