Tajikistan cracks down on online farts

Tajikistan’s “Ethics Code for an e-Citizen” appears to be cracking down on online farting.

The code that was hatched up by the executive branch, the state telecommunications authority, telco industry associations, and a handful of NGOs, mostly covers personal data protection and human rights.

It forbids talking loudly on mobile phones in public areas, playing loud music, and using “unpleasant sounds” online.  To most this means bottom burps and beltching, which is apparently big online.

Authorities insist that the code on involuntary noises is actually voluntary, but human rights group fear that the new code will be used to stifle online speech or belching.

Radio Ozodi said that the ethics code aims at “preventing harassment, offence, slander, provocation, dissemination of immoral images and recordings, agitation and propaganda of terrorism, and other unacceptable activities in virtual space”.

Needless to say the great unwashed was not involved in any of the discussions, particularly the bloke who can belch the national anthem of Tajikistan after three pints of lager.