Taiwanese VIA edges in on Chinese five-year cloud computing plan

Taiwanese VIA is joining with Chinese Skycloud Technology to hop onto the buzzword band wagon of 2010 and possibly 2011. The idea is that by being on both sides of the strait they can wave at each other next to the guns on either coast. 

VIA and Skycloud say they’re going to produce tablet PCs together, and then go into cloud computing equipment. According to CENS, there’s a 12th five-year plan in China which will push cloud computing development in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuxi and Nanjing over five years. Sounds more like the tail end of a 60 year plan to us.

Speaking at a forum, Skycloud chairman Tian Sounin told Taiwan Economic News that the partnership as well as agreements across the strait will “mostly benefit” Taiwan’s industries as it will bolster all stages of the manufacturing supply chain – from semiconductor design through to packaging and testing. It’s because China has dedicated itself to making sure the market will be huge, so Taiwan will be able to capitalise. 

Taiwan’s MOEA says global dosh for cloud computing should reach $409.6 billion – with Taiwanese input counting for $33 billion in 2012.  That seems like a lotta dolla. But that’s what CENS says, if it makes sense.